Dinner games

The Dinner Game is an entertaining quiz where teams are challenged to solve fun questions while having dinner or drinks. The game is designed to entertain, bring out laughter and initiate fun discussions. It’s the perfect ice breaker! The teams are made up of 3-5 people and the game is run in a series of rounds. Depending on their particular strengths the teams chooses what level of difficulty they want to go for. Time is short so choosing the right strategy is vital! Recommended upgrade: Tailor the activity by embedding corporate specific missions. This is a great way to make the experience even more engaging!  

*We’ll be present for up to 2 hours. Additional costs will apply if the project manager is asked to stay longer


• Indoors or outdoors

• Game length: 2 x 15 minutes*

• Minimum: 9 participants

• Maximum: No limit

• Price: Ask us for a quote

Contact us

Get in touch with us at bokningen@hotelj.com for more information and booking

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