Green hat challenge

The Green hat Challenge is a fun-filled and challenging game that lets you think creatively and work as a team. Teams of 5-6 members compete against each other in pursuing intriguing missions in a location of your choice. Carefully selected to blow the minds of your gamers, each mission is communicated through a tablet. Take pictures, find objects, use your creativity and beat the other teams by prioritizing the various missions! Because the missions vary so much, everyone on the team will have a chance to contribute! Adapted to the local area – and to you We can help incorporate ideas from your company into the game format. This will get your staff thinking & providing valuable input that can easily be reviewed.


• Indoors or outdoors

• Game length: 90 - 120 minutes

• Minimum: 6 participants

• Maximum: No limit • Staff included

• Price: Ask us for a quote

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Get in touch with us at for more information and booking

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