Qigong at Hotel J

A fantastic tool for improving energy, health and well-being Qigong is ingenious and powerful in its simplicity!

A movement exercise where you with soft, slow, flowing movements increase circulation in your whole body and enable relaxation both physical and mental. No special workout clothes are required, although soft clothes are preferable. No advanced positions, it´s easy on the body and therefore anyone can do it. Learning the movements is easy and you´ll notice an effect quickly.

Qigong is perfect as an activity in connection with a conference! 

Start the day with Qigong and gain energy, calmness and focus, or as a pick-me-up during the day, alternatively at the end of the day before dinner. Qigong leaves you with a wonderful feeling in both body and soul no matter what´s ahead of you :)

Cost (incl. VAT)
30 min: 2500 kr + 156 kr/person
60 min: 2500 kr + 244 kr/person

A very warm welcome!

In association with Hotel J

Contact us

Get in touch with us at bokningen@hotelj.com for more information and booking

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